A Wide Variety Of Rental Choices In Dubai

Renting an apartment is one of the easiest ways to solve the problem of living accommodation in Dubai. Even the local landlords are cashing in on this trend, buying properties and then renting them out to earn consistent income. Such rentals for apartments are usually decided on a yearly basis. Thankfully there are laws limiting the maximum raise that the landlord can charge each year. But even if you are in Dubai for a short term holiday, ranging from a one day stopover to a week or at most a month, we will be able to find suitable accommodation for you.  You can get your visa stamped on arrival at the airport and then check into a hotel before you go out for business or leisure.  Or just leave the hotel booking to us. Call us in advance and we would be able to get you the best rates moreover within reachable distances to most of the shopping centers and other places of leisure activity. Just Rentals Dubai is a firm that specializes in getting its customers all kinds of apartments in Dubai. These can range from furnished apartments to unfurnished, cheap to reasonably priced to high quality, Dubai beach apartments, villas, marina properties and Dubai VIP apartments on short to medium term rental basis on daily, weekly or monthly basis.Our main portfolios of Dubai apartments for rent are situated in the most attractive places for example the Bur Dubai, the Dubai Marina, the Jumeirah beach, the Springs and the Palm Jumeirah. You can take your pick depending on the type of accommodation desired, budget, size of family etc. At Just Rentals Dubai, we have a range of places to offer you starting from affordable apartments to VIP luxury apartments in the choicest locations all over Dubai. We look forward to welcome you for a pleasurable and memorable visit to this bustling city of the Middle East. Dubai’s best apartments lie in the Dubai Marina area and have some of the highest rents in the emirate. Yet the demand for them shows little signs of cooling down. Their proximity to some of the most opulent hotels and within approachable distance to the main city roads, along with the splendid views and comfortable lifestyle that they offer all add up to the high rates that are demanded by their owners. The best self catering apartments usually come equipped with 24/7 security, children’s playing area, swimming pool, gymnasium, high speed internet, satellite TV, DVD player, and much more to meet the wishes of all the customers. These Dubai self catering apartments may be available in single, double and three bedrooms apartments at up to a 40 percent discount. Self catering apartments in Dubai are the best alternative accommodations compared to other short term rentals. The self catering apartments are mostly situated in Dubai Marina and some other very exciting locations like the Dubai beach area. So whether you are on the lookout for Dubai Hotel Apartments, Dubai Furnished Apartments, Dubai holiday apartments or indeed, any other kind of short term or long term rental arrangements, please contact Just Rentals Dubai to get some of the best deals possible.

David Martin is a respected, well read columnist in Dubai and considered an expert on the economy and issues connected with living and working in the emirate. Expatriates like to quote him on everything from Dubai property to how to live the lavish lifestyle and be part of the nightlife that Dubai has to offer, otherwise considered the prerogative of the wealthy and knowledgeable.
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