Dubai Jobs Guide – Why Does Everyone Want One?

The United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) is one of the top destinations for overseas employment for people from all around the world because of the highly paid jobs manifested by the cities’ excellent economy.
Hence, many believe that getting a job in UAE would actually settle them financially for life. These people try to get jobs in UAE and actively seek them through various means.
Dubai, one of the richest and fastest growing cities in the UAE, is continually developing to an exciting, diverse, multi-cultural blend of young, vibrant, and professional people who are enjoying the unrivalled quality of life.
This place has also recorded the fastest growth in population in the world, meaning more and more individuals who want a better life resulting from better careers are moving to Dubai each year.
Unemployment is very low and wide ranges of Dubai jobs are available as many businesses are cropping up and existing ones establishing a presence within the region. It is possible to find work in many different market sectors (financial, hospitality, technology, tourism, construction, engineering, computers, medical, etc.). Some of the popular employment agencies in Dubai are the Nadia, BAC Middle East, IQ Selection, SOS Recruitment, and Clarendon Parker, all of which primarily specialize in Dubai and UAE regions.
If you are among the millions who want to settle in Dubai and work there, you must familiarize yourself with the rules. That said, Dubai jobs do not involve tough constraints if you are educated and qualified enough. You will need to have a residential permit so you can apply for a labor card.
The labor card will let you obtain employment in the UAE while the residential permit (obtained in UAE) can legally sponsor you. A person can legally sponsor you if he/she is a relative of yours. A company who is going to employ you can also sponsor you.
Basically to stay in Dubai you must have a resident visa. You can get this either by buying property in Dubai or get your employer to be your sponsor. The later is quite common and usually a pretty smooth process. Over 80% of Dubai’s population is made of immigrants just like you and I.
Let’s talk requirements. A Dubai visa is the most important ones. All visitors, except GCC nationals, require a visa but free visit visas are issued to most nationalities as they enter Dubai. Some nationalities require visa so it is necessary to ensure yours before traveling.
If you are visiting Dubai for job hunting, you will need a Visit Visa for entering the UAE. Upon finding a job, you can transfer to a residence Visa by either re-entering the country or directly transferring it. Your employer/sponsor will know all about this.
The validity of a visit visa is 60 days (most cases). It can be renewed for a further 30 days upon paying a fee of Dhs 500 at the Department of Immigration (this is approximately $135 USD). A ‘visa run’ can be made as an alternative, which entails flying to Doha or Muscat at a cost of approximately Dhs 300 (about $80 USD), and re-entering Dubai on a new visit visa.
In case you have a job lined up for you, the company should have your visa application sent to the airport at the time of your arrival, where a residency visa will be stamped in your passport. Search for my article on “Dubai Visa” where I get into details about Dubai Visa requirements.
When planning to bring your family members to live with you in Dubai, you will need to get a family residence visa, which will allow you to sponsor your spouse, children, and parents. To have a family residence visa, remember that your salary must exceed Dhs. 4,000 a month. This should be no problem if you are in a professional white collar field.
All this stuff is great, but wait till you hear about the benefits involved in a Dubai job opportunity. Search for my article on the “Benefits of a Dubai Job” or visit to learn all about Dubai careers and job opportunities in Dubai.
The website is also the best and most comprehensive resource for all your Dubai job opportunity related questions. Look for my review on the Dubai Jobs book in the “book review” section of the website. It is by far the best and most practical and useful book written on how to get a job in Dubai.

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