Escape from Dubai

Product Description
2010 Finalist Indie Book Awards Best Non-Fiction

Finalist Indie Book Awards Best Multi-Cultural Non-Fiction

San Francisco Book Festival Honorable Mention Best on-Fiction

SPYS…Wealthy Dubai Businessmen…Luxury Submarines…and a harrowing escape Former French Secret Service agent, Herve Jaubert, writes a story that will make your hair stand on end. From a life of luxury in the opulent city of Dubai to promised ruination, Jaubert tells a tale of espionage and escape that rivals any best selling novel on the market.

Immersed in a luxury submarine business, Jaubert was hired as CEO by Dubai World to develop and design miniature subs for the wealthy. Once problems developed within the business, Herve Jaubert became the scapegoat of government officials and found himself ensnared in a web of police threats, extortion, human rights abuses and coercion. With no chance to make it through their biased legal system, Jaubert planned the escape of his life.

Escape from Dubai

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