CityStar directory sites get ready for big changes

CityStar directory sites get ready for big changes

The CityStar website directories were started up in 1996, but their growth has accelerated over the past few years. The vast majority of CityStar’s local sites (259 out of 302 cities) are centered around communitiesin the U.S. The network is currently branded as the National Website Directory, and sports the U.S. flag colors of red, white and blue. But things are changing at CityStar.

The sites’ publisher, CityStar Group, Inc. currently operates city directory sites in a total of 20 countries around the world, and has been expanding so much recently that they are working behind the scenes on new branding. As a part of the sites’ redesign, all of the display advertising will be deleted, leaving only the 96,000 site reviews (which are called “listings”).

CityStar has focused on expanding into cities and countries with large English-speaking populations, in order to maximize the effectiveness of its current editorial and sales staff, most of whom are working in the U.S.

On its wiki, the company has stated its intention to eventually translate CityStar sites into other languages, as its staff becomes more diverse and international.

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