[PH] Pocket Size Welding Machine

Dear Sir/Madam

Greetings. We are manufacturers on an innovative welding machine
“Pocket Size Welding Machine”. This product will take the industrial
sector by storm, with all the advantages in terms of: electrical
consumption, size, weight, duty cycle etc.

We are now open for distributors and marketing arm to represent the
product in their respective territory or even in an international
scale. Kindly visit our website at

http://www.welding-invention.125mb.com.2net.us for photos in actual
operation and specifications.

You can watch the machines actual video demonstration by visiting
http://www.youtube.com and then typing “smallest welding” on the bar.

Size: 1.8 x 8.5 x 1.8 inches
Weight: 1kg
Duty cycle is 100% the machine can withstand long hours of operation
without overheating.
Voltage is 110 * 220 * 440 auto volt.
Welding Capacity: 100 – 500 amperes
Warranty: Two (2) years
Machine has been tested and has passed strict quality control prior to

Feel free to email us for any inquiries

Thank you

Best Regards
Gennard Manalili
Managing Director
Manalili Machinery Enterprise
103 E. Rodriguez Sr Avenue, Manalili Building, Quezon City
Mobile + 63920 5728484
Tel/Fax +63 2 4116787
Email: g22manalili@gmail.com

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