start business in uae — investment company?

I want to start a business in the dubai freezone area. I need business capital loan which I can’t get because I dont have a freelance license and I am a freelance web designer.

Im just not qaulified for a loan

how do I do this without a loan.
How about investment companies?
what do I need to do to find someone who would help start my business?
i need money to get a license
i need money to start a business

what do you mean i answered my question?

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    March 10, 2010 at 12:52 pm

    What then is keeping you from getting a license?

    I think you’ve answered your own question.


    March 10, 2010 at 1:11 pm

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  • Adam Taha

    March 10, 2010 at 1:12 pm

    Simple. You don’t NEED anything. The moment you say you “NEED” is the moment you lost the battle.

    God has given you enough to make it happen and here’s how. Sometimes, it’s right in front of our noses. Actually it always is but most don’t see it that way..

    1. You got a skill. You got a skill in web design.

    Ok, now look at this for one moment. How many people out there, who will pay for a skill? To learn something from this skill?


    Ok, but you need to attract these leads to you. Customers who want to learn certain thing in web design. Here’s one..

    A) Create a blog. You can do this free using Download, watch the tutorials and I’m sure it be easy for a web designer like yourself.

    B) Create content relevant to the target group you are aiming on. The information will be on “HOW TO” do this and “HOW TO” do that.

    C) Make sure each post headline has keyword relevant to this market.

    D) Make sure the metag are relevant to this niche and market, and topic you are writing about.

    E) Kick it in with seo and create a site map on your page for each page.

    F) Link words to the money page. So if you have a page that says

    “10 Magic Steps To Creating Your Own WordPress Blog, Without Being An Expert..”

    Then you will link the word 10 magic steps or wordpress blog that you typed on another article to that page.

    Why? It will bring authority to your site and tell Google that page is important. It will also index and create these titles on google when someone searches.

    G) Have on each page on the right, an form, where prospects, your leads can fill in name and email address. This optimises your page a bit instead of traffic coming in and you lose them.

    H) Create a 10 page ebook, showing 10 Magic Steps to Installing and creating your own wordpress blog.

    I) Have a link in the ebook go to your money page which is a course you have recorded using Camtasia. You can download Camtasia for free and you got 29 days to make those videos.

    It records screen shot actions as a movie.

    J) Now you have turned just one tiny bit of your skill into money.

    You can sell this course too

    A) Business owners who have no idea about blogs and their power to raise their business profile.

    B) Beginners who want to learn how to create their own wordpress blog.

    C) You can sell this course to college, school and even university students who have no idea how to create a blog. Not all of them know how to use wordpress.

    The world is yours…

    If…you stop looking at what you need and realise, you have everything you need.

    And if you don’t believe me. I’ll give you a link and when I started I had ONLY..

    1. No computer but a pen and note pad.
    2. Not even carpet but a matress to sleep in.

    But years later, after much reading on the laws of success and seeing where broke people go wrong, I found I didn’t need anything.

    I found…I got everything I need.

    1. My mind. I can create ideas.
    2. People, who have businesses and need clients.
    3. Me, I can move clients to them
    4. This makes me money
    5. That I invest in my ideas.
    6. Then duplicate it by creating a 24/7 online system

    There we go.

    The real secret to riches. YOU.

  • I can tell the author of this article really went above and beyond with the research for this content. I am impressed with your insight.

  • I can tell the author of this article really went above and beyond with the research for this content. I am impressed with your insight.

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