[US] Revolutionary Award Winning Agricultural Probiotics

Ecomicrobials is a leading R&D USA based company dedicated to the manufacture of beneficial microbes and nutrients for agriculture and aquaculture. Our revolutionary technology is based on three principles unique in the industry.

1. We use synergistic blends of non-genetically modified beneficial microbes that outperform natural microbial communities.

2. We provide our microbes with custom designed nutrient formulations that stimulate their adaptation to the new environment, multiplication and biochemical activity.

3. We develop custom designed programs for utilization of our products according to your crop, culture practice and fertilization program.

Our programs are more cost efficient than traditional chemical based programs and we have received international awards such as the DOLE BEST QUALITY FRUIT in Ecuador . Most of our products are certified by OMRI and CERES for use in organic crops, however, our products can also be used in traditional conventional chemically based program if few rules are followed.

Our product line for agriculture includes:

EcoFlora: Blend of bacteria and fungi for foliar and edafic application for control of diseases and yield increase.

EcoFungi: Blend of mycorrhizae, bacteria and trichoderma for edaphic application.

EcoVigor: Blend of Bacillus for stimulation of plant development and yield.

EcoBac: Patented blend of Bacillus for control of most plant fungal diseases.

EcoSil: 20% monosilicic acid

EcoNutrient: Microbials nutrient formula for field application.

Please visit our website www.ecomicrobials.com for trial, technical and contact information, or contact our European representative Frank Sperlich at Sperlichbiologicals@yahoo.com

Phone: 305 2982036
305 5729020
7003 N Waterway Drive, Unit 214
Miami, FL 33155 USA

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