Where to Stay in Dubai

Over recent years, Dubai has drawn much attention to itself. The city is glamorous and attractive to the eye. With its endless opulence Dubai is creating a larger than life oasis that appeals to all types of travelers. All the top localities are within a short distance of each other and are easily accessible by bus or taxi. Most of the large hotels offer shuttle buses for their guests to the various popular destinations. Dubai Marina and Jumeirah beach are at one end and Deira is at the other end. The area of Dubai Marina and the Palm are considered as New Dubai for any traveler arriving in Dubai for a conference, the main exhibition centre is strategically located between old and new Dubai. Sheikh Zayed Road is the main arterial road running through Dubai, passing through the middle of everything. In off-peak hours it only takes about 20 minutes between Dubai Marina and Deira. All the main restaurants are located in the main hotels. Other than nightclubs it is the only place, as a visitor, that one can drink freely. For a better idea of the location of hotels within Dubai you can view the exact location on our site with google maps. All the major malls are located in the main areas listed below. Deira Deira is known as the old city and is the commercial and business centre of Dubai. It is where some of the best shopping can be done and where the gold souks are located. These famous souks overflowing with jewellery shops are how Dubai has been labelled the ‘city of gold’. The Deira City Centre is a superb shopping mall that offers 280 outlets, if shopping is not your idea of fun then the mall also provides an entertainment centre, restaurants and everything down to home furnishings and a textile court, all this under one roof. One can’t miss the ‘Abras’ which are small wooden boats that can transport you across the Creek, letting you discover the old historical routes and giving you a full view of the city whilst making your way to Bur Dubai. Deira is certainly the place to visit if you are looking for a little activity and change in atmosphere. Bur Dubai Bur Dubai is situated to the south of Dubai. It is a historic location that is full of tourist attractions, markets, restaurants and shopping centres. It is also popular among expatriates who reside there. Jumeirah Beach Jumeirah is a long stretch of road following the coastline of Dubai. Jumeirah beach, the most popular beach in Dubai, is found along Jumeirah and holds some of the most spectacular hotels in the world. Being a few kilometers long it is never over-crowded and with its soft, white, never ending sands, it is a safe place for children. The majority of the beach is taken up by the luxury hotels however some hotels allow non-guests to use their facilities if they are buying lunch or pay a nominal fee. Sheik zayed road This is a relatively new area that serves as the new business area of Dubai, thus there are business hotels aplenty. The road itself stretches across 55 km with 5 lanes on each side of it. The Mall of the Emirates is located on Sheik Zayed Road, it is one of the largest shopping centres in Dubai, it even offers visitors a chance to try their hand at skiing with its indoor ski slope. Dubai marina Dubai Marina is man-made, and upon its completion will be one of the world’s largest marinas in the world. Located near sheikh zayed road, it is a city within and city and a great place to spend a day out. Overflowing with cafes, restaurants and kiosks your dining choices are endless. Once completed it will be home to over 80,000 people as well as hundreds of berths for boat owners.

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