Which are more effective: discounts/coupons or promotional items/business gifts?

Recently there was carried out a study about promotional products and business gifts. More specifically, they investigated the effects and differences between discounts & coupons and promotional products. The study concluded that promotional products and business gifts does have more impact on the receivers than a discount does.
Many companies try to stimulate sales by offering their products at a discounted price, by way of reduced prices or by using a coupon. Howerver, the investigation concluded that the respondents choosed more often a promotional gift than a discount
Giving free products with an order will increase your sales!
The results speak for themselves: orders that include a promotional gift sell better than orders placed with a discount or discount coupon (Werbeartikel). This means that not only will the purchasing officer go for free products with orders (57.3%), as opposed to discounts (42.7%) but your clients themselves will also choose free gifts over a discount.
Benefits of promotional products (Relatiegeschenken)
To highlight the power of promotional material even more, we have listed a number of telling figures:
Most of the respondents (61%) said that a business gift is not only for special events or occasions, a business gift is interesting throughout whole the year. The frequency of usage also speaks in favor of promotional material:
 •23% uses it several times a week,
 •34% at least once a week and
 •38% at least a few times a month.
Therefore, promotional products provides (very) many contact moments with your target groups!

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